List archives on

You may access the archives of many Linux development mailing lists on Most of them include a full archive of messages going back several decades.

If you would like to suggest another kernel development mailing list to be included in this list, please follow the instructions on the following wiki page:

Archiving software

The software managing the archive is called Public Inbox and offers the following features:

  • Fast, searchable web archives
  • Atom feeds per list or per individual thread
  • Downloadable mbox archives to make replying easy
  • Git-backed archival mechanism you can clone and pull
  • Read-only nntp gateway

We collected many list archives going as far back as 1998, and they are now all available to anyone via a simple git clone. We would like to extend our thanks to everyone who helped in this effort by donating their personal archives.

Obtaining full list archives

Git clone URLs are provided at the bottom of each page. Note, that due mailing list volume, list archives are sharded into multiple repositories, each roughly 1GB in size. In addition to cloning from, you may also access these repositories on


You can continuously mirror the entire mailing list archive collection by using the grokmirror tool. The following repos.conf file should get you all you need:

site =
manifest =
toplevel = /path/to/your/local/folder
mymanifest = /path/to/your/local/folder/manifest.js.gz
pull_threads = 4

Please note, that you will require at least 20+ GB of local storage. The mirroring process only replicates the git repositories themselves -- if you want to use public-inbox with them, you will need to run "public-inbox-init" and "public-inbox-index" to create the database files required for public-inbox operation.

Linking to list discussions from commits

If you need to reference a mailing list discussion inside code comments or in a git commit message, please use the "permalink" URL provided by public-inbox. It is available in the headers of each displayed message or thread discussion. Alternatively, you can use a generic message-id redirector in the form:

That should display the message regardless in which mailing list archive it's stored.

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