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  1. Minor changes to kernel tarball releases

    We'd like to announce several small changes to the way Linux tarballs are produced.

    Mainline release tarball signatures

    Starting with the 4.18 final release, all mainline tarball PGP signatures will be made by Greg Kroah-Hartman instead of Linus Torvalds. The main goal behind this change is to simplify ...

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  2. If you got "BAD Signature" this morning

    The XZ tarballs for the following kernel releases did not initially pass signature verification due to benign changes to the tarball structure done by the pixz compression tool:

    • 4.11.1
    • 4.10.16
    • 4.9.28
    • 4.4.68

    These changes would have resulted in GPG returning "Bad Signature ...

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  3. Fast new frontends with Packet

    Packet logo

    We are extremely happy to announce that Packet has graciously donated the new hardware systems providing read-only public access to the kernel.org git repositories and the public website (git.kernel.org and www.kernel.org, respectively). We have avoided using cloud providers in the past due to security implications ...

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  4. Shutting down FTP services

    Those of you who have been around for a while may remember a time when you used to be able to mount kernel.org directly as a partition on your system using NFS (or even SMB/CIFS). The Wayback Machine shows that this was still advertised some time in January ...

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  5. Gandi.net TLS certificates

    Gandi logo

    If your browser alerted you that the site certificates have changed, that would be because we replaced our StartCOM, Ltd certificates with those offered by our DNS registrar, Gandi. We are very thankful to Gandi for this opportunity.

    A common question is why we aren't using the certificates offered ...

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